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Home Lifeline Unit

Lifeline unit Up to 40hrs battery back-up in the event of a power failure. Sensitive built in microphone Automatic announcement to advise of power failure or telephone line fault Built in alarm button 

Wrist worn or neck worn pendant

To raise an alarm or call for help in the home or garden, simply press the SOS button on the pendant within a 50m range of the Lifeline home unit the unit will then dial our Careline Response Team who will speak to you via the Home Unit to arrange any help you need.
the pendant is Showerproof

wrist worn fall device

Worn on the wrist, the fall detector automatically detects a change in acceleration that is related to trips and stumbles, it then monitors for the subsequent impact associated with a fall.
If a fall is automatically detected, the unit will flash RED and vibrate this is to let the wearer know that an alarm has been activated and within 30 seconds they will be talking to one of our Emergency Response Team via the HOME UNIT
An alarm call will be transmitted after a 10-second delay unless cancelled by the user.


TWO WAY PHONE CALLING – Makes a SOS voice calls to our Monitoring Responce Centre in an emergency anywhere in the UK without the need of a mobile phone.
SOS EMERGENCY ASSIST BUTTON – In the event of an emergency, the wearer will be able to make a voice call and alert the designated SOS contact by holding the SOS button. The GPS location of the wearer will also be sent to our Monitoring Responce Team SMART LOCATION TRACKING & GEO ZONES – Built-in GPS


Two way Voice communication with loud, high-quality sound – talk with loved ones just like a phone. Easy and straight forward to use. Fast UK support via our 24 Hour Emergency Responce Team if you Press the SOS emergency button (alerts all authorised app users immediately via email and telephones our Emergency Responce Team who will speak to you via the device and arrange any emerhency assitance you need and also alert your Family and   emergency contacts in turn until answered). Fall detection alerts you if the wearer falls over. Geo-fencing alerts if the wearer roams outside a chosen area. Pre-installed SIM , pre-registered for real time monitoring

video doorbell with intercom

never worry who's at the front door again

If a stranger comes to your door and you are not expecting anyone they will press the video doorbell and the video screen inside the property will show you who is at the front door.

you can either ignore the caller or you can pick up the handset and ask them what they want, you do not have to be anywhere near the front door the Monitor can be installed in any downstairs room via cable or WIFI


4 Wheel Combination Key Safe is perfect to keep your house keys in one safe place. Its features are durable construction, four-wheel recordable combination lock, weather-resistant cover, 10 year gurantee

Carer response


Carer Response


The Carer Response is a cost-effective, portable receiver unit that can alert a local carer to a triggered Telecare Device without the need for a telephone line or control centre intervention.

Features and Benefits

  • Audible alert with adjustable volume.
  • Vibration alert.
  • Backlit colour display.
  • Easily programmed via display menus.
  • Can store up to 255 Telecare devices.
  • Saves last 32 alarms received.


  • Emergency assistance button to contact other users.
  • Up to 8 days battery life.
  • Supplied with mini USB charger lead and mains adapter.
  • Can be charged from a USB port or the mains supply.
  • Bi-directional TAO technology.


The pendant is fully waterproof, and we would encourage our customers to wear it at all times in the house, including in the bathroom (where more accidents are likely to happen).

When the call is answered just inform the staff at the response centre that you pressed it by accident. In fact we ask our customers to press the button at least once a month, to ensure that you remain totally familiar with the process and to test that the system is working correctly.

You can still call for help from the alarm button on the homecare unit. A replacement pendant can be supplied at a small additional cost.


The pendant has a typical range of 50 metres from the base unit and should be worn outside the house in the garden.

You can have two pendants on one base unit enabling both of you to be covered. A small additional charge of 50p per week is made for the additional pendant.

When you call the emergency response centre for the monthly check, we have the ability to check the battery level, and if it is low we will send you a free replacement pendant.

In the event of a power cut, there is a battery in the homecare unit, which will ensure that the system keeps working.

There should be no interference with the functionality of the system from any other household equipment in your house. If you are in any doubt please call our customer services team on 0800 7999 581

The  Kent Telecare Protect Call Pendant does not interfere with a pacemaker because it operates on a separate frequency

We hold limited medical information on file, as well as details of your doctor, to assist the Emergency Services.

We need you to tell us your new address, telephone numbers and any change to key-holders. Simply call our customer services team on 0800 7999 581. When you move simply unplug the system and then plug into your new telephone point and electrical socket at your new home.

Contact our customer services team on 0800 7999 581 or e-mail us at let us know the details you wish to change.